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Why Us

We value people and relationships. We are committed to building meaningful, genuine and long-term relationships with our clients. We emphasize strong communication and transparent operations in everything we do. We are passionate about our work, our customers and our people.

Knowing the true potential of property is more important than ever, and can be more difficult to differentiate especially in toda's dynamic real estate market. Our depth of local market knowledge and first-hand experience of market conditions ensure that the value and potential of the property is correctly established before every transaction.

We identify and analyze the variables that affect value. With our experience and real time data we foresee opportunities and challenges that others don't. Our expertise and experience complements our customer knowledge as we bring practical solutions to every situation.

We look at a property not just as a means of a business transaction, but more as a pathway to dissipate our experience and knowledge in educating the clients and enable them take informed decisions. We believe buying and selling of real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations.

We are driven to make a difference in everything and everyone we work with. We are about leaving a positive impact for the greater good, whether it's through our work, our business model or services. We ensure our clients achieve the optimum value on opportunities we propose or advise.

Our Methodology:
Professionalism, ethics, respect, integrity and accountability are our core values. We take your dreams as seriously as you and deliver efficient results in desired time span. We are committed to you and we ensure you own the home, which is meant for you. Every little process is memorable and comprehensive.

We believe in being your guide at every step of buying your property. We understand your needs and place it on our high priorities in order to recommend you the best among the vast list of properties.

Being real estate consultants, we identify opportunities for growth in every complex real estate issue. Our aim is to help you achieve successful outcomes. And to do that, we leverage emerging analytics to produce transformative insights in areas such as property acquisition, disposition and new development projects.

Connecting every possible dot, we handhold our customers through the entire lifecycle of property buying. Right from the documentation process to helping with exit strategies, we are firmly with you in the entire journey.

Best ROI:
MSPL doesn't just find you the right property. We go a step beyond ordinary customer care. We serve as a bridge between buyers and developers. All property deals are completely transparent and we provide our buyers with the best ROI for both residential and commercial properties.

Right Solution For Complex Real Estate Market?
The real estate market is a complex one and MSPL is fast emerging as a noted expert in this market. We have a team of specialized real estate consultants who will guide you through the complicated process of buying a property, so that you never need to worry about your investment.

Always with You :
We work with the customer right from the time they book the property to the time that it is handed over to them.


  • Maximize Return on Investment (ROI).
  • One stop shop for all your real estate requirements whether be purchase, selling or leasing.
  • Client value creation to ensure long term relationships with our clients and to exceed their expectations.
  • Strong business ethics and making sure you get optimum returns year on year.
  • Offer maximum discounts on your purchase / leasing to ensure you get maximum value of your property.
  • Whether it is leasing or buying / selling, we know for sure that these are time consuming and at times frustrating. Generally, it is not easy to spot a right kind of property consultant who can understand you well and who can be relied upon. This is where we come in. We, at Agarwal Estates, come from a professional business background believing in dealing with transparency, integrity and providing value to customers - complete guidance, saving your time and energy, and most importantly, investing rightly.

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