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With the economy on the growth track, prime properties can fetch excellent returns. Stringent government regulations and the fact that Marketing Space deals only with developers having proven track record also makes it a safe option for you to invest in the property, recommended by us.

Property Options:
Being India's leading real estate service provider, we can guide you in finding the best property investment in India. The list includes commercial projects, with over 9-10% returns on lease rentals alone, to early bird deals in upcoming residential developments, where one could expect 15-50% return per annum, in a year-on-year cycle. We exclusively represent only the top developers of India, to provide a wide range of property options to NRIs and global buyers.

Investment Services:
Our strong network with high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and real estate funds enable us to arrange structured sales, joint ventures and leveraged deals with leading promoters. We assist investors in building their portfolio, which includes block purchases and early bird deals, by advising them and arranging for the purchase and subsequent sale of properties. Mortgage financing, through the banks associated with us, is usually available for such investments.

Property Management:
Our property management services are designed in such a manner, so that the NRIs can reap maximum benefits out of their investments in Indian properties, without any hassle. We help you get the best from your investments, by taking care of all the paperwork at the time of purchase and maintenance thereafter. We make quality arrangements for you, so that you can easily let out your property for regular rental income. Our experienced team ensures that your bills are paid on time and your property is safe, secure and fully maintained.

Bill Payments:
Our property management services are geared towards non-resident owners. Each property is timely monitored, through physical inspection. Taxes, maintenance charges and utility bills are paid regularly; insurance is arranged and claims recovered, if needed. In general, each and every requirement is promptly dealt with, on your behalf. A property status report, including accounts of total expenditure, is also available on demand. We believe that every home we sell is like our own.

Rental income is a very common way to ease off repayment burdens. We provide assistance in finding tenants according to your needs and preferences, for residential as well as commercial properties. This also includes arrangements, whereby you can reclaim the keys whenever you visit, to completely enjoy your property. Our experienced officers handle all procedures, including legal safeguards, rent collection and disbursements as required.

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