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Home Loan:
Planning to buy your dream home? Marketing Space can offer you the financial solutions you need. We are one of the leading home loan providers in Mumbai, helping people realize their dream of owning a house. We can guide you through the entire process of applying for a home loan in Mumbai. Our specialists have the required skills and expertise to assist you in procuring a housing loan.

We have tie-ups with some of the leading financial institutions in India, helping you get the lowest home loan interest rates in Mumbai. Marketing Space is also an Associate Channel Partner with more than 10 national, multi-national and non-banking organizations, offering you a chance to pick a bank of your choice under one roof. Our tie-ups not only help you get a home loan in Mumbai at competitive interest rates but also guarantee you quick completion of the loan application procedure.

Home Loan Balance Transfer & Top Ups:
Wish to lower home loan repayments? Marketing Space Home Loans can help you get home loan balance transfer at attractive monthly installments. This facility enables you to transfer the outstanding balance on your existing home loan to another financial institution at better terms and conditions. You get to enjoy significant savings on the interest expenses on your home loan. Besides the home loan balance transfer facility, we can also assist you in applying for a top up loan.

Loan Against Property:
Loan against property (LAP) is mainly a loan disbursed against the mortgage of your property. It is given as a certain percentage of the residential or commercial property's market value which is usually around 40 to 60%. LAP belongs to the secured loan category under which the borrower needs to give his property as security. When you apply for a loan against property, you get to leverage the economic worth of your commercial or residential unit while continuing to enjoy the occupancy of the same. There are various purposes for which the loan can be obtained, for instance, you can avail the loan for expanding your business, funding your dream vacation, meeting medical treatment requirements, sending kids for higher studies or to get your son/daughter married.

Lease Rental Discounting:
We offer lease rental discounting loan wherein we provide a term loan against assured rental receivables from a property owned by you. By availing this loan, you can unlock the value in your existing property and use the money for accelerating business growth, meeting working capital requirements and improving liquidity. Our experts are readily available to help you apply for a lease rental discounting loan from some of the leading banks and financial institutions.

Overdraft Facility:
Marketing Space Home Loans is the best solution to fulfill the clout of your dream home. With 2 decades of presence in the industry for various services and verticals Marketing Space also has in offer Overdraft limit / Overdraft facility against property to all those clients whether self-employed or corporates to manage funds as per business or individual needs.

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